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Pro Tip: Larkin Bus Terminal!
If you're keen to make it to Tioman, but you don't know how to get there, then try taking the bus. You can book your bus tickets online below. Just enter "Mersing" as your destination, because this is where you need to go to take the ferry to Tioman.

Just for information, you can also take a taxi to Mersing. Clearly, it's more convenient, as well as faster.

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from Singapore to Malaysia, as well as bus lines within Malaysia.

Taxi to Mersing

If you prefer taking a taxi, then you have a few options; from cost-effective passenger cars, to comfortable MPV's. Even vans suitable to carry up to 12 passengers, as well as shuttles and buses, are available.

All vehicles are practically new and offer climate-control interiors.

Safe Travel Corridor

Travelers from overseas may remain a little wary of Covid when going to a foreign land. With memories of the pandemic still in the back our mind, there's bound to be a certain amount of trepidation. It's understandable.

This is why our transport service comprises a thorough Covid regime. For starters, all our drivers have been fully vaccinated and boostered, as per the certified vaccination records that we pro-actively provide all our customers with.

Additionally, each vehicle is vacuumed and desinfected in between journeys and each vehicle contains a bottle of desinfectant at your disposal. Furthermore, since our drivers are aware of all the rest stops with high sanitation standards and a comprehensive Covid protocol, the substandard ones will be avoided at all cost. Safety above all.

Taxi to Mersing Cost in Singapore Dollars

ModePax  1-way/
Car1-4250480430 + ferry tickets
MPV4-6280510460 + ferry tickets
Van6-10350650600 + ferry tickets

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Going by taxi will be more costly than going by bus. However, going by taxi has several benefits that a bus cannot offer. For one thing, passenger collection is any time you like and from any preferred pick-up point. And the taxi drops off passengers right at Mersing Harbour Centre.

I.e. the taxi service is door-to-door.

In addition, taxi passengers can remain in the vehicle during passport control (for those arriving from Singapore) whilst crossing the border into Malaysia and back. This privilege is not extended to bus passengers. All bus passengers have to disembark their bus, with their luggage, in order to walk to the Immigration complex escalators and then on to the passport control queuing area. This applies to both Singapore's passport control and Malaysia's too, i.e. at both ends.

In other words, a taxi offers a fair amount more comfort and convenience. Good to know.


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