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Mersing Harbour Centre

By declaring opened for business the Mersing Harbour Centre building not so long ago, the Sultan of Johor did more than just officially open the impressive structure. The Sultan also propelled the town of Mersing into the 21st century.

Mersing Harbour Centre was a long time coming, given the dilapidated state of the old Mersing ferry terminal and its various ticket counters. It was these very ticket counters that provided the ever-bourgeoning crowds, both local and from overseas, with the required ferry tickets and boarding passes. In fact, the same counters had fulfilled this purpose for a number of decades and the terminal was showing its age.

The all-new Mersing Harbour Centre, however, is more than just a ferry ticket dissemination point for Tioman travelers. The forward-looking local tourism bureau has leveraged their accumulated knowledge into a versatile complex that is part tourism information desk, part shopping mall, part food and beverage location and, yes, part ferry information/ticket centre.

Additionally, Mersing Harbour Centre offers a number of useful facilities and amenities in the form of more than adequate parking, a toilet/shower section, a playground for kids, as well as a prayer room and even a convention hall.

Clearly, Mersing Harbour Centre is poised to become the boost Mersing needed to galvanize its position of one of Malaysia's top holiday destinations. The greater Mersing area always was endowed with a number of natural attractions popular with tourists, amongst which the idyllic paradise islands peppered just off its shores and its hinterland's national parks.

But with the constantly improving infrastructure, the area is now able to monetize this natural wealth more effectively, to the benefit of the local populations. Obviously, tourists too, are a winner in the equation, since service levels and general efficiency have increased by a couple of notches ever since Mersing Harbour Centre has opened its doors.

Tioman Island

If you're on your way to Tioman and you need to collect the ferry tickets that you booked earlier, then just head to the Mersing Harbour Centre ferry ticket counter in question, for example the Bluewater Express ferry ticket counter, and show the operator your booking receipt. You'll be handed your tickets and boarding passes. All you then need to do is register and pay the conservation fee.

Getting to Mersing Harbour Centre

From Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, as well as other towns in Malaysia, there are buses and taxis that go to Mersing Harbour Centre. Both can be booked online, which is advisable, particularly during weekends school and public holidays and especially during the peak months of May to August.

NOTE: Peak season is !
Enjoy up to 20% discount when you book online

During these months it's quite unlikely that any walk-in ferry tickets will be available. After all, the Mersing ferry is still subject to the notoriously low water level in the Mersing river basin. Tue fact that a number of new Tioman resorts have recently opened further results in the Tioman ferry being quite taxed for the foreseeable future.

Be that as it may, Mersing, Tioman and the Mersing area at large are likely to flourish in the years to come. Good news for residents and visitors, alike.


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